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Image by verdian chua

Holiday Boarding Service

Give your exotic pets a holiday of their own with us here at C&T Exotics!

We provide everything your pet needs whilst you're away to give you peace of mind that they're well cared for so you can enjoy your holiday that little bit more.

Price List

Prices are Per Animal, Per Day. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Bearded Dragons: £5.00

Geckos: £4.50

Tortoises: £5.50

Snakes (Up to 2ft): £3.50

Snakes (2ft-5ft): £4.50

Snakes (5ft): Call for pricing & availability

Skinks: £5.00

Frogs: £3.00

Any other species, please speak with a team member. 

For any other species, please give us a call for pricing. Booking deposit may be required. 

Call us on 01442 834446 to book your pets holiday!

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